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Shower Door Care & Cleaning in Overland Park, KS

Shower-Door Glass

Due to the fact that glass is naturally porous, soap scum and mineral deposits will settle into the glass and cannot be completely removed. Therefore, we recommend using a squeegee after each shower use. In addition, we recommend a routine application of REPEL, a 2-in-1 technology glass & surface cleaner. REPEL cleans surfaces to a streak-free shine and easily removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, soil & grime. It simultaneously protects surfaces with an invisible nano-scale repellent finish that resists to adhesion and build-up of water, soil and stains. You can find this product in our showroom.

We also carry ELIMINATE, a shower, tub and tile cleaner. ELIMINATE has a unique biodegradable chemistry that effectively removes scale, calcium, hard water spots, soap scum and body oils without offensive odors or the need for aggressive scrubbing. Cleans glass, fiberglass, plexiglass, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, chrome, porcelain and cultured marble surfaces.

Shower-Door Aluminum Extrusions

The aluminum in your shower door is durable and resistant to water damage, corrosion, discoloration and wear, although its natural beauty can be marred by harsh chemicals, abuse or neglect. If harsh abrasive cleaners or materials are used on aluminum, they can destroy the finish and allow the extrusion to be exposed to corrosion. Many common glass cleaners can damage the anodized surface of the aluminum if allowed to remain on the metal for any length of time. REPEL and ELIMINATE are acceptable for cleaning the anodized aluminum.

In addition to the above products, BEMA (Bath Enclosure Manufacturing Association) endorses the use of Comet’s Nonabrasive Bathroom Cleaner for the safe cleaning of glass and anodized aluminum extrusions. This product is packaged in a white bottle with a green spray nozzle and is available at most grocery and discount stores.


We highly recommend and stock Hi-Sheen, an industrial strength cleaner developed especially for the glass industry. The concentrated foam lifts dirt, grime and smudges with a minimum of spray. This foam cleaning product will not drip to the bottom and seep behind the mirror. This eliminates the concern for “black edges” due to the cleaning product.

Never use acid or alkali cleaners, heavy ammonia-based cleaners or abrasive cleaners on your mirrors. These types of products can attack the surface, edges and backing of the mirror.

Glass Industry Guidelines

Glass industry guidelines are derived from the Federal Specification for Flat Glass. ASTM-C1036 allows for blemishes, scratches and marks on glass if they are not detectable when observing the glass from a distance of 11 feet, without direct sunlight or daylight in the background.